What is Time Allocation?

Users can utilize QCi’s Dirac-1, Dirac-2, and Dirac-3 machines in the cloud. Problems are submitted to Dirac using a queueing system. 

Users can purchase time allocation in blocks. As a user submits problems to the queue, the run time of a problem is deducted from the user’s available time allocation balance. The run time deducted for a particular problem represents only the time when the problem is running on a Dirac machine – users are not “charged” for time spent in the queue. 

Blocks of time allocation can be used for up to 12 months and can be used on any of Dirac-1, Dirac-2, or Dirac-3 that are available on QCi’s cloud.

Once the user’s available time allocation is consumed, the user will be unable to submit problems to the queue until the allocation balance is increased.