Leading The
Computing Revolution

About Us

Quantum Computing is developing processes to commercialize quantum computing hardware and application services. Our mission is to lead the revolution in quantum computing.

Our Computer

Quantum Annealers are faster, more powerful and capable of solving problems that existing supercomputers cannot. This quantum supremacy is leading to breakthroughs in Finance, Cyber Security and Medicine.


Companies developing one of the world’s first quantum computers will disrupt the status quo. Industry experts estimate the Quantum Computing market to be larger than $10 Billion.

Quantum Computing Technology

Computers have gotten smaller while also more powerful. However, this process is about to meet physical limits as computer chips are approaching the size of an atom. A new sub-atomic process is needed for technological advancement. This is Quantum Computing.

Quantum Computing is developing a quantum annealer, a simulator that will function at speeds up to 12 qubits. This next generation machine will have increased solution speed, solve problems that existing super computers cannot and have superior energy efficiency.

We have assembled a world class team of experts with over a century of experience in super computing and security. Our initial focus will be the creation of Quantum Finance applications.

“Quantum computers promise to run calculations far beyond the reach of any conventional supercomputer. They will revolutionize research and discovery…”

-MIT Technology Review

Management Team

Robert Liscouski, Chief Executive Officer

Robert Liscouski is a security industry leader with more than 35 years of experience serving as a senior government official and public company executive. In 2003, he was appointed by President Bush as the first Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection at the Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Liscouski joined Quantum Computing from Implant Sciences, where he served as President and spearheaded a $118 million cash takeout. Mr. Liscouski is a frequent expert on Homeland Security and Cyber Security to CNBC, CNN, Fox News, and other media platforms. He holds a Masters of Public Administrations from Harvard University.

Christopher Roberts, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Roberts brings more than 30 years of experience in public and private corporate finance and government contracting to Quantum Computing. He has served as the President & CFO of Systems Made Simple (now a subsidiary of Leidos), Integral Systems (now a subsidiary of Kratos) and Pearson Analytic Solutions (now a subsidiary of General Dynamics). Mr. Roberts is an expert with financial experience in accounting, financial reporting as well as M&A integration. Mr. Roberts has a law degree from the University of Virginia Law School and a B.S, in Electrical Engineering and an M.B.A., both from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Sergey Shuster, Chief Data Scientist

Mr. Shuster is an applied quantitative mathematician that has been developing derivatives-pricing and credit risk models for over 25 years. During this time he has programmed over 200 quantitative models implemented in numerous computer languages and risk management systems. Mr. Shuster has designed, developed and implemented multiple client systems which have consistently outperformed market benchmarks. Due to Mr. Shuster’s participation in the Mathematical and Physics Olympiad, he received the personal letter of recommendation from the President of Russia Academy of Sciences as the Mathematical Olympiad Winner. He earned his PhD in Applied Mathematics and Economics.