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Quantum Computing Inc. applies advances in quantum computation and machine learning to approach and solve the toughest problems industries are facing today.

Quantum Benefit Today

Leveraging our collective expertise in finance, computing, security, mathematics, and physics, Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) is developing a variety of software applications capable of running on quantum and quantum-inspired hardware from multiple vendors.

We will offer advanced solutions for high performance computing, quantum technology, and soft computing applications which are tolerant of imprecision, uncertainty, and approximation.

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Asset Allocation

Asset allocation for portfolio optimization is beyond complex; impossible for classical, perfect for quantum.

Artificial Intelligence

What’s the secret to developing true artificial intelligence? We think quantum is the secret.

Big Data

What’s the strategy when you have more data than you can use? Apply quantum to it.

Optimization Use Cases

What other problems can benefit from Quantum’s optimization prowess? Reach out to us and let’s figure it out together.

“Quantum computers promise to run calculations far beyond the reach of any conventional supercomputer. They will revolutionize research and discovery…”

-MIT Technology


Data collection

Total damage has been caused by the civilians arounf the new apple  store at Wall street.

Guaranteed ROI

Total damage has been caused by the civilians arounf the new apple  store at Wall street.

Always Online

Total damage has been caused by the civilians arounf the new apple  store at Wall street.

Beyond Classical

Following the magical Moore’s Law, classical computers have gotten smaller and exponentially powerful with time. However, we’re quickly approaching the limit of Moore’s law. Transistors can only get so small, and some problems are actually impossible for classical computers, no matter how powerful. A new computing paradigm is needed to solve these problems, it’s here, it’s called Quantum Computing.

Helping people enhance their wealth

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Quantum Computing News

Quantum Computing is developing new techniques that use quantum computing hardware to approach and answer unsolved problems. Our mission is to explore the cutting-edge revolution quantum computing will bring to countless industries.

Quantum is a Collaborative Effort

Quantum computing is on the bleeding edge of development and offers the potential to solve more problems than we can even think of. Quantum Computing and the problems it can solve are incredibly complicated, and can’t be done alone. We’re always looking for a problem we can sink our teeth into, so reach out to us. Let’s work together to figure out a solution.

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