Dirac-1 spec sheet

1st Generation QUBIT Entropy Quantum Computer


Dirac-1 is a portable, low power, and room temperature qubit entropy quantum computer (EQC). Dirac-1 solves problems of Objective Function Minimization and Maximization for binary optimization by finding the ground state of a complex system with many inter-correlated variables. These problems correspond to minimizing or maximizing the expected return of the objective function:

Dirac-1 equation

where Vi is the value of each variable, Ci is the linear coefficient of each variable, which is a real number that can be positive, negative, or zero, Jij is the coupling coefficient of two variables, which can be any real number



Qubit (superposition of 0 and 1)

Maximum size of variables

N = 11,000



Operating Temperature

25 °C / 77 °F (room temperature)

Power Consumption

<80 W

Physical size

Contained in a 3U rack-mountable unit

Order of correlation

Any types of second-order correlations, where interactions between qubits can be repulsive (positive correlation) or attractive (negative correlation)