Dirac-2 spec sheet

1st Generation QUDIT Entropy Quantum Computer


Dirac-2 is a portable, low power, and room temperature qudit entropy quantum computer (EQC). Dirac-2 solves problems of Objective Function Minimization and Maximization for integer optimization by finding the ground state of a complex system with many inter-correlated variables. These problems correspond to minimizing or maximizing the expected return of the objective function:

Dirac-1 equation

under the constraint of a fixed resource Σi=1NVi=100\Sigma_{i=1}^N V_i = 100 where Vi is the value of each variable, Ci is the linear coefficient of each variable, which is a real number that can be positive, negative, or zero, Jij is the coupling coefficient of two variables, which can be any real number.



Qudit of 64 dimensions

Maximum size of variables

N = 1,000 (up to 2,000 with decreased connectivity requirements)



Operating Temperature

25 °C / 77 °F (room temperature)

Power Consumption

<80 W

Physical size

Contained in a 3U rack-mountable unit

Order of correlation

Any types of second-order correlations, where interactions between qudits can be repulsive (positive correlation) or attractive (negative correlation)