Quantum Leaps Ahead – QCi’s R&D Surge!

As a first-to-market nanophotonic-based quantum technology company, Quantum Computing Inc. publishes a monthly newsletter to share the latest announcements and news involving quantum technologies. This month’s issue highlights QCi’s research and development projects, covering what our team has been working on, our newest products, and upcoming events.

Research. Develop. Educate. 

It all starts with a concept and a touch of experimentation. In a focused discussion, QCi’s leadership—Robert Liscouski, CEO; Dr. William McGann, COO/CTO; and Dr. Yuping Huang, Chief Quantum Officer—explore the formidable potential of quantum computing. Through advancements, research, and development, QCi has positioned itself to swiftly enhance the tangible impact of quantum computing for today’s commercial and government sectors. 

Quantum Computing Inc. Reports Second Quarter and First Half 2023 Financial Results

Quantum Computing Inc. initiates commercialization during first half of 2023 and commenced multiple product launches year-to-date, including:  

  • Dirac Series Entropy Quantum Computer.  

  • Zero-Trust Cyber Security Protection solution.  

  • Non-repeatable Quantum Random Number Generator.  

  • Reservoir Photonics computing (machine learning/predictive) – AI enhancing.

  • Quantum Sensing products including QLiDAR and the Photonic Vibrometer – first to market to discern highly obscured and non-line-of-sight objects.

“In one year, we have laid the foundation for our core technology, designed advanced quantum photonic chips to miniaturize key product components, and have begun commercialization with the release of certain first-to-market, photonic-based, quantum-enabled products and services,” said Robert Liscouski, co-Founder, CEO & Chairman of QCi. 

QCi Successfully Secures U.S. Patent

Quantum Computing Inc.’s inventors and the Trustees of the Stevens Institute of Technology were granted a patent in the US, giving Quantum Computing Inc. exclusive and lasting rights to utilize it. The patent, also approved in Europe and China earlier in 2023, focuses on enhancing network security through quantum authentication, offering a solution to safeguard information. This patent can be used with existing communication systems and provides a single-step method combining authentication and encryption. For more information on securing patents and licenses in cybersecurity, take a look at our blog “Navigating the Landscape of Licenses for Cybersecurity and US Patents.”

Check Out Our New Products 

Quantum Photonic Vibrometer (QPV)

QCi has launched the Quantum Photonic Vibrometer (QPV), the first quantum accelerated photonics vibrometer on the market. The device offers unprecedented capabilities in detecting highly obscured and non-line-of-sight objects, with potential applications in material recognition, enhanced surveillance, infrastructure integrity, and industrial maintenance.


First-in-a-Series of Reservoir Computer

In June, QCi announced the release of the Company’s first-in-a-series Reservoir Computer, designed to make AIs expansion sustainable by reducing the growing costs of AI models. It is optimized for recurrent neural network applications and is ideal for predicting, classifying, and function fitting time-series based data to serve common needs in finance, robotics, weather prediction, sensing, and fraud detection. 


Research and Innovation Take Center Stage this Month

Our development team actively brainstorming strategies and refining formulas to transition QCi products from conceptualization to real-life applications.

The QCi nanofabrication team hard at work in the clean room making lithium niobite chips.

QCi Upcoming Engagements

QCi to Speak at The Hill’s Notable Staffers Event

On September 14th, 2023, QCi will be speaking at The Hill’s Notable Staffers Event. This event will recognize and honor the commendable staff members within Congress, specifically those who have made notable contributions in sectors such as technology, security, and development. 

QCi Goes Global to Attend Financial Times Cyber Resilience Summit

After a successful U.S. conference, QCi is excited to announce our participation in the Cyber Resilience Summit in Switzerland from September 20-23, 2023. This event provides a unique platform to explore the complexities of the cyber landscape, showcase our cybersecurity solutions, and engage with industry leaders, further establishing our global presence and leadership in the field. 

Meet our Interns!

QCi takes pride in its committed team of interns who contribute to the realization of our quantum solutions.


Say hello to Anirudh Aatresh! Anirudh just finished his master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Currently, he’s interning with our Quantum Remote Sensing team in Hoboken and enjoys working with advanced sensing tech for practical use.


Meet Yunong Tang! She holds a master’s degree in Material Science from Stevens Institute of Technology. At QCi, Yunong is involved in creating and testing chips. Her favorite thing about QCi is the friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to bring her ideas to life.