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Stevens Secures U.S Army Contract for Up to $15 Million to Revolutionize Quantum Technology

The contract aims to bridge the gap between laboratory demonstrations and field deployable systems.


Women of Quantum Technology: Catherine Potts of Quantum Computing Inc. - Inside Quantum Technology

Dr. Catherine Potts of Quantum Computing Inc. talks about transitioning into the quantum industry and ways to make this field more diverse.


Meeting the Quantum Needs of Government and Defense

QCI CEO Bob Liscouski discusses the need for the new company, why its Arizona location matters and quantum’s role in the environment and sustainability.

Quantum Computing Coming Faster Than You Think

From cybersecurity to drug discovery, there are several challenges that quantum computing can tackle better than classical systems.


DHS Pioneers: Bob Liscouski Discusses the Present and Future of Quantum Technologies - HS Today

"Whatever we think as significant will be eclipsed by those who aren’t constrained by biases or limitations imposed by conventional thinking."


QCI Targets Scalable Quantum Optical Chip Manufacturing 

QCI plans to manufacture quantum computing optical chips with encryption, authentication, and quantum entanglement distribution capabilities.


Dean's Lecture Series: How Chance Events Can Steer a Career

School of Engineering & Science Dean’s Lecture Series Features Chief Technology Officer of Quantum Computing Inc.


Entropy Quantum Computing Offers an Innovative Path Toward Scalable Quantum Computing

Entropy Quantum Computing is the technology behind the engineering marvel called Dirac 1, the company’s quantum photonic computing system.


How the CHIPS Act could be a boon to the D.C. area - Washington Business Journal

The new $280 billion bill has potential to funnel big bucks, and more importantly, brainpower to the region.


QCI Launches Project to Build and Operate New Quantum Computing Optical Chip Manufacturing and Research Facility - Semiconductor Digest

Quantum Computing Inc. announced plans to construct and operate a new quantum nanophotonics technology manufacturing and research center to expand its current chip development capabilities.


Leesburg's QCI seeking incentives for new quantum chip manufacturing facility

The company said it is negotiating several offers for funding.


Why Leesburg's QCI is building a $30M chip facility for quantum technology -

With the anticipated help of the national CHIPS and Science Act, CEO Robert Liscouski hopes the facility can be a key starting point for making quantum computing compatible with chip technology.


Drone Flights to Be Guided by Quantum Computers | IoT World Today

Partnership aims to determine best UAV flight trajectories

QCI CEO on Optimizing Quantum Computing

QCI CEO Bob Liscouski discusses QCI’s recent developments in detail and explains how photonic quantum computing addresses optimization problems.

QCI launches subscription service

Quantum Computing Inc. has launched a subscription service that lets companies access its Dirac 1 Entropy Quantum Computer to solve problems for app

QCI offers subscription for commercial quantum computer

Making its Dirac 1 system available for clients to use, QCI has joined a short list of companies offering commercially-available quantum computing


Top 10 companies in the world of quantum computing

We explore 10 of the most influential companies in the world of quantum computing, which is set to transform our world


BMW's 3,854-Variable Problem Solved in Six Minutes With Quantum Computing

Gotta go fast!


Quantum Computing: Poised For Greatness In The Next Big Wave Of Computing Disruption

How Organizations Can Become Early Adopters of Quantum Computing

Robert Liscouski, president and CEO of Quantum Computing, Inc. discusses quantum computing and how organizations can harness its power.


Leesburg quantum firm makes first acquisition

Quantum Computing Inc’s QAmplify Can Expand Today’s Processing Power by Up to 20 Times for Certain Problems

By Carolyn Mathas Quantum computing hardware is not yet reaching the level of scale that is necessary to solve real world problems. The two primary approaches to quantum computing, for example, the gate model and annealing are limited in the size of the problems that they can process, and thus


Photonics business roundup: May 2022

It’s time to recap all the photonics business news that was announced in May 2022.

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

eFPGAs for startups; EnSilica lists on LSE; new memories; quantum photonic acquisition.


Stevens professor's quantum photonics innovation company is acquired | ROI-NJ

Quantum Computing Inc. of Virginia said Tuesday that it entered into a definitive agreement to acquire QPhoton, a Hoboken-based quantum photonics innovation company that was developed by Yuping Huang, a Gallagher Associate Professor of Physics at Stevens Institute of Technology and the founding director of the Center for Quantum Science and Engineering. The acquisition of […]


Quantum Computing Inc. to Acquire Quantum Photonic Startup QPhoton

In another pairing between hardware and software companies, Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) has reached an agreement to acquire quantum photonic startup QPhoton. QPhoton is a spinout of research by Dr. Yuping Huang from the Stevens Institute of Technology and will operate as a subsidiary of QCI.


Quantum Computing to acquire QPhoton

The target is a quantum photonics innovation company founded by Yuping Huang, the Gallagher Associate Professor of Physics at Stevens Institute of Technology and the founding director of the school's Center for Quantum Science and Engineering.


Quantum Computing to acquire QPhoton

Quantum computing software company Quantum Computing (QUBT) has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire QPhoton.


Here's Why Quantum Computing Shares Are Trading Higher Today - Quantum Computing (NASDAQ:QUBT)

What's the current state of quantum computing? | TechTarget

Explore recent updates on the quantum computing market: Who are the major players? What are the use cases? And what do customers want out of quantum?

QCI CEO Says QPhoton Acquisition Good for Business, Better for Quantum

The Quantum Insider (TQI) is the leading online resource dedicated exclusively to Quantum Computing.


Biden executive order: Which quantum tech stocks could see biggest boost - Inside Quantum Technology

(FinanceYahoo) A pair of Biden administration directives to bolster quantum computing technology in the United States could provide a similar lift to quantum tech stocks connected to companies that do everything from building quantum computers and processors to developing cybersecurity technology. IQT-News summarizes Vince Cariaga’s discussion below. Click here to See Inside Quantum Technology ‘Quantum Stocks Zone On May 4,


Perspective: Exploring Quantum Computing | Transport Topics

Quantum computing might be a new frontier in easing logistics management.


Top Quantum Computing Companies for 2022 | CIO Insight

Quantum computing is the next big thing in technology. Find out which companies are leading the way in quantum computing for 2022.


QCI: Strategy, tech path won't change with new COO/CTO on board - Inside Quantum Technology

Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) has a new CTO–who also will serve as COO–but don’t expect any radical changes in the company’s strategy or technology direction, according to QCI Chairman, president and CEO Robert Liscouski. The company this week announced that William McGann, previously a member of the QCI board of directors, was appointed COO/CTO of the Leesburg, Virginia firm. “There


A ‘Quantum Leap’ in Computing | 2021-10-05 | Mission Critical Magazine

There seems to be more talk about quantum computing than there is knowledge. But, with the quantum computing market expected to reach $3.7 billion by 2030 — growing at a compound annual growth rate of 25% —it’s time for that to change. That’s why Mission Critical sat down with QCI’s CEO, Robert Liscouski, to find out a little more about the technology, how to use it, and what to expect from it. Mission Critical: Can you give us a brief primer on quantum computing? Liscouski: Quantum computing . . .

7 Quantum Computing Stocks to Buy as Rigetti Computing Comes Public

Quantum computing is having a breakthrough moment as two high-profile firms come public. Here's how to cash in on the trend.


What is quantum computing?

Quantum computing opens the door to ultra-powerful machines that can perform calculations that would take supercomputers millions of years.


Quantum computing skills are hard to find. Here's how companies are tackling the shortage

There's a lot of promise in quantum computing, but companies first need to figure out how they can attract more people into the industry.

Channel Program Offers Low-Risk Path to Quantum Computing

Quantum computing could reveal data insights previously unachievable - and there's a channel program that can get anyone started.


The Challenge and Promise of Quantum Computing

Despite becoming increasingly viable, many people don't understand what quantum computing is, and how it differs from classical or binary computing. We spoke with experts in the field of quantum computing to help explain; and get their assessment of how this emerging technology could eventually change the world.


Quantum Computing looks to accelerate developing quantum market with first partner program

Partners in the quantum market include both traditional VARs, focused specialists from the quantum side, and database-focused partners who are broadening out.


Quantum computing ecosystem grows with Accenture, QCI moves | TechTarget

A quantum computing ecosystem has begun to take shape, with Accenture and Quantum Computing Inc. making recent partnership moves; more IT channel news.

Quantum Computing Unleashes New Partner Program

Quantum Computing has rolled out its new QCI Partner Program. It offers channel partners and VARs a path to utilizing quantum computing.