Quantum Computing Inc Appoints Emerging and Disruptive Technologies Specialist Lewis Shepherd to Its Technical Advisory Board

LEESBURG, Virginia – April 4, 2023 – Quantum Computing Inc. (“QCi” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: QUBT), a first-to-market full-stack photonic-based quantum computing and solutions company, today announced the third appointment to its Technical Advisory Board launched on February 2, 2023.  Lewis Shepherd, a senior technology leader and Government executive, has joined the QCi Advisory Board to provide industry advice, market intelligence, and QCi product visibility into his expansive network.

Mr. Shepherd combines over 30 years of experience within both Silicon Valley and government service addressing multiple aspects of R&D innovation with specific focus over the last 10+ years on artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality/virtual reality, data visualization, quantum computing, encryption, and cybersecurity.  Mr. Shepherd is the Senior Director, Research & Emerging Technologies Strategy at VMware, a leading provider of multi-cloud services for all apps, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control.  At VMware, Mr. Shepherd leads government outreach and collaboration in VMware’s core areas of research focus, including machine learning, AI confidential computing, 5G, edge computing, data analytics, and adaptive security. Additionally, Mr. Shepherd is in his fifth year as Special Government Employee and Senior Advisor to the U.S. Department of Defense, supporting innovative strategies to solve complex problems. 

Beginning in 2015 Mr. Shepherd has served as Adjunct Professor in the Graduate School of Engineering’s Department of Information Sciences and Technology at George Mason University, teaching big data analytics and artificial intelligence. Mr. Shepherd currently sits on the Technological Advisory Council of the Federal Communications Commission which focuses on emerging technologies such as quantum computing for improvement in communications services.  He is also Chair of the Intelligence Committee of AFCEA International, a global 30,000-member professional association dedicated to defense and intelligence professionals.  In addition, Mr. Shepherd was appointed to join Georgetown University’s Technology Management Advisory committee by the Dean for the graduate programs.  Earlier in his career, Mr. Shepherd was a Defense Intelligence Agency Senior Executive and Group Chief and served as General Manager and Director of the Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments.  Mr. Shepherd received a B.A. (Government/Foreign Affairs) from University of Virginia and M.A. (Political Science) from Stanford University. 

Remarking on Mr. Shepherd’s appointment, the Honorable James (Jim) Simon, Jr., Chair of Quantum Computing Inc’s Technical Advisory Board stated, “The technical advisory team that we are building at QCi is high functioning, proactive and success-driven.  My plan is to add another 4 to 5 professionals to the Board whose expertise span a variety of different touch points to quantum, but with the same passion and tireless work-ethic of Lewis with whom I worked when I created a similar effective team at Microsoft.”

Mr. Shepherd stated, “Given the multiple public, private and university Boards that I advise regarding next generation technology, I am required to be in constant flow of innovative product launches.  At the same time, I know the emerging quantum revolution is ushering in an era of extraordinarily powerful computational benefits.”  Mr. Shepherd continued, “I have had the opportunity to assess both emerging and established quantum methodologies and have arrived at the opinion that the photonic approach already lends itself to rapid utility and commercialization.  I have also had the privilege to get to know the team at QCi and see them as the emerging leader in photonic quantum computing with several products commercialized earlier this year. I believe it is important that technologists, business leaders, and U.S. government officials have the advantage of up-to-date knowledge on what is now available in the quantum market, from cyber security to advanced AI computational power to quantum LiDAR opportunities. I look forward to advising QCi, and discussing QCi’s capabilities with those who can benefit from them.”

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About Quantum Computing Inc.

QCi is a full-stack quantum software and hardware company on a mission to accelerate the value of quantum computing for real-world business solutions, delivering the future of quantum computing, today. The company is on a path to delivering an accessible and affordable full-stack solution with real-world industrial applications, using quantum entropy, which can be used anywhere and with little to no training. QCi’s experts in finance, computing, security, mathematics and physics have over a century of experience with complex technologies ranging from leading edge supercomputing to precision sensors and imaging technology, to the security that protects nations. For more information about QCi, visit www.quantumcomputinginc.com.

About Quantum Innovative Solutions

QIS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Quantum Computing Inc., is a newly established supplier of quantum technology solutions and services to the government and defense industries. With a team of qualified and cleared staff, QIS delivers a range of solutions from entropy quantum computing to quantum communications and sensing, backed by expertise in logistics, manufacturing, R&D and training. The company is exclusively focused on delivering tailored solutions for partners in various government departments and agencies. 

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