Quantum Computing Inc Creates a New Subsidiary to Deliver Products and Services for the Government and Defense Sectors

LEESBURG, Virginia – February 6, 2023 – Quantum Computing Inc. (“QCi” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: QUBT), a first-to-market full-stack photonic-based quantum computing and solutions company, today announces that it has officially launched QI Solutions, Inc. (“QI Solutions” or “QIS”), a wholly owned subsidiary dedicated to delivering quantum solutions to the government and defense markets. The new entity will lead and manage engagements, contracts and programs awarded from the US government and Department of Defense. QI Solutions, which will operate primarily out of a newly established facility in Arizona, will be overseen by highly seasoned operations and applied technology expert, Sean Gabeler.

“We see tremendous potential for our market-ready quantum solutions in the government and defense sectors, with an extensive and ever-increasing scope of technological applications. To better meet those needs, we determined it would be best to set up a separate entity specifically to address the unique requirements of this market,” commented Robert Liscouski, CEO at Quantum Computing Inc. “Once we made that assessment and began conversations with key-decision makers in this space regarding their needs, we knew right away there was no better-experienced professional than Sean to lead the new initiative. Sean is a highly experienced and proven leader with a successful track record of transitioning emerging technology to real world applications and is precisely what QCi requires to successfully lead this effort.”

Sean Gabeler joined QCi after over 30 years as a Special Operations officer. A highly decorated multi war combat veteran, Sean brings a level of understanding of government operational requirements uncommon in the business community. As an applied technology expert, Sean has proven deep experience applying commercial technology to government solutions.

Expansion into Arizona represents a strategic initiative for the Company. The location was selected due to the State’s leadership in the field of optics, its early recognition of the importance of advanced photonic research, and the presence of numerous State and US Government entities as well as strong research universities interested in exploring mission-ready quantum computing and related technologies.  To that end, QI Solutions will offer a range of products and services to its customers in these sectors, all of which are available for deployment today. These products include entropy quantum computing solutions, software, as well as technologies for quantum communication and quantum sensing, which will be complemented with a range of customized services in areas such as secure supply chain management, light advanced manufacturing, quantum workforce development, and quantum research and development.

“As a retired DOD officer with an expertise in the application of technology for effects, I believe QCi is the world’s leading quantum computing technology company.  The Company has unique capabilities that can be adopted for immediate applications that are appropriate for multiple programs within various government departments and agencies,” said Sean Gabeler, President of QI Solutions. “We have already been engaged in discussions with a number of these entities, and anticipate that we could soon see our solutions utilized in a wide variety of boutique applications for our clients. The US Government recognizes that quantum technologies are essential to maintaining technology leadership in the world today. Qi Solutions, as QCi’s government facing entity, will carry out QCi’s mission to bring real world quantum capabilities to the government customer, and I am proud to lead that effort,” he stated.

QIS is ready to deploy its range of solutions, as well as provide partners with appropriately cleared personnel working to support their needs and requirements.

For additional information on the company’s suite of solutions, please visit our website or contact our team directly.

About Quantum Innovative Solutions

QIS is a newly established supplier of quantum technology solutions and services to the government and defense industries. With a team of qualified and cleared staff, QIS delivers a range of solutions from entropy quantum computing to quantum communications and sensing, backed by expertise in logistics, manufacturing, R&D and training. The company is exclusively focussed on delivering tailored solutions for partners in various government departments and agencies.

About Quantum Computing Inc.

QCi is a full-stack quantum software and hardware company on a mission to accelerate the value of quantum computing for real-world business solutions, delivering the future of quantum computing, today. The company is on a path to delivering an accessible and affordable full-stack solution with real-world industrial applications, using quantum entropy, which can be used anywhere and with little to no training. QCi’s experts in finance, computing, security, mathematics and physics have over a century of experience with complex technologies ranging from leading edge supercomputing to precision sensors and imaging technology, to the security that protects nations. For more information about QCi, visit www.quantumcomputinginc.com.