Quantum Computing Inc. Federal Subsidiary, Qi Solutions, Signs Five-Year Overarching Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (OCRADA) with U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)

LEESBURG, Virginia – September 19, 2023 – QI Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Quantum Computing Inc. (“QCi” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: QUBT), has signed a five-year Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) to develop quantum technology applications in support of USSOCOM programs and requirements. 

USSOCOM is the premier entity of the U.S. Department of Defense that deploys the world’s latest technology to conduct global special operations and activities as part of the Joint Force, in concert with the U.S. government interagency, allies, and partners, to advance U.S. policies and objectives worldwide.

QI Solutions (QIS) is a nontraditional Defense company with a portfolio of quantum technology including Quantum Photonic Detection and Ranging (QpDAR) sensors, computing, communications, cryptography, and advanced microchip solutions. QIS will work with USSOCOM’s Science & Technology (S&T) Directorate on the development of advanced quantum solutions for use by Special Operations Forces (SOF) in their unique mission roles.  

“We are very excited and honored to have the opportunity to work in partnership with the Department of Defense and USSOCOM to develop unique Quantum Solutions based on our advanced technologies that will ultimately be used to protect our country,” said Sean Gabeler, President of QI Solutions. 

Robert Liscouski, CEO of Quantum Computing Inc., added, “This is a significant opportunity for QCi and QI Solutions. OCRADAs demonstrate the DoD’s belief that advanced quantum technologies can be fielded to address critical problems – today, not in several years.”

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About Quantum Computing Inc. (QCi) 

Quantum Computing Inc. (QCi) (Nasdaq: QUBT) is an innovative, quantum optics and nanophotonics technology company on a mission to accelerate the value of quantum computing for real-world business solutions, delivering the future of quantum computing, today. The company provides accessible and affordable solutions with real-world industrial applications, using nanophotonic-based quantum entropy that can be used anywhere and with little to no training, operates at normal room temperatures, low power and is not burdened with unique environmental requirements. QCi is competitively advantaged delivering its quantum solutions at greater speed, accuracy, and security at less cost. QCi’s core nanophotonic-based technology is applicable to both quantum computing as well as quantum intelligence, cybersecurity, sensing and imaging solutions, providing QCi with a unique position in the marketplace. QCi’s core entropy computing capability, the Dirac series, delivers solutions for both binary and integer-based optimization problems using over 11,000 qubits for binary problems and over 1000 (n=64) qubits for integer-based problems, each of which are the highest number of variables and problem size available in quantum computing today. Using the Company’s core quantum methodologies, QCi has developed specific quantum applications for AI, cybersecurity and remote sensing, including its Reservoir Photonic Computer series (intelligence), reprogrammable and non-repeatable Quantum Random Number Generator (cybersecurity) and LiDAR and Vibrometer (sensing) products.  For more information about QCi, visit www.quantumcomputinginc.com.

About QI Solutions, Inc. (QIS)

QI Solutions, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Quantum Computing Inc., is a supplier of quantum technology solutions and services to the government and defense industries. With a team of qualified and cleared staff, QIS delivers a range of solutions from entropy quantum computing to quantum communications and sensing, backed by expertise in logistics, manufacturing, R&D and training. The company is exclusively focused on delivering tailored solutions for partners in various government departments and agencies.

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