Quantum Computing Inc. Launches Quantum Optimization Machine

Leesburg, Virginia – February 29, 2024 – Quantum Computing, Inc (QCi) (Nasdaq: QUBT), an innovative quantum optics and nanophononics technology company, today announced its fully commercialized quantum optimization platform, Dirac-3 (Dirac) Entropy Quantum Computer (EQC). Dirac is a nanophotonic machine designed to address complex problems with larger numbers of variables that require unconventional solutions through the use of nonlinear quantum optics.

The system operates by quickly encoding a problem into Dirac’s photonic architecture that is then mixed with the quantum vacuum and through a series of optical feedback loops, modulates the interaction between variables, ultimately settling into a ground state or “optimal solution,” which is then read out.

Dirac is the first and only system of its type to natively solve integer problems using quantum digits (qdits), each qdit having a dimension of 200 discrete modes. This unique capability expands the use of quantum technology far beyond the broader class of optimization problems and the current quantum computing devices on the market that use quantum bits (qubits). The Dirac system is designed for on premises installation, is rack mountable (6U), operates at ambient temperature, requires no special infrastructure for daily use.

The market for accessible quantum optimization machines continues to expand, as QCi’s most recent contract with NASA, which will utilize Dirac to optimize spectral analysis of LiDAR from lower earth orbit. In 2023, the federal government awarded 19 contracts purchasing quantum computing technologies and is planning to award twice as many in 2024. Affordable, accessible and unique, the Dirac is a perfect fit for this market, being sold at $300,000 per device, including installation and warranty, with additional tiered service and technical support options.

“This product aligns with our strategy to create accessible, affordable, and sustainable entropy quantum computers that will empower optimization solutions across the healthcare, financial services, supply chain, energy management, autonomous vehicle, and molecular modeling industries. We look forward to introducing this disruptive technology to the industry and putting this innovative and proven optimization machine into the hands of businesses worldwide,” stated Dr. William McGann, Chief Executive Officer of QCi.

About Quantum Computing Inc. (QCi)

Quantum Computing Inc. (QCi) (Nasdaq: QUBT) is an innovative, integrated photonics company that provides accessible and affordable quantum machines to the world today. QCi products are designed to operate room temperature and low power at an affordable cost. The Company’s portfolio of core technology and products offer unique capabilities in the areas of high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, cyber security as well as remote sensing applications. For more information about QCi, visit www.quantumcomputinginc.com.