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The combination of QCi and QPhoton delivers the first ready-to-run broadly accessible and affordable quantum photonic systems (QPS) that can be used by non-quantum experts, anywhere, for real-world business applications.

Qatalyst is a ready-to-run quantum optimization software that can be used to solve complex computations by today’s business experts and programmers, with no need for an elite workforce trained in highly specialized, complex and expensive quantum dev development for algorithms, software and orchestration. Qatalyst also delivers vendor-neutral access to a wide range of QPUs and CPUs with no hardware/vendor lock-in.

QPhoton’s QPU is a ready-to-run photonic system that delivers a dramatically lower, highly affordable TCO-Q, enabling a much broader range of deployment scenarios by today’s business users. These QPUs can be deployed anywhere, run at room temperature, are stable in most environments and maintain coherence. Contrast this to early NISC QPUs that require supercomputer-like TCO-Q and deployment due to hyper-cooling, instability wrt environmental interference and issues with decoherence.

The blending of Qatalyst and QPhoton dramatically expands QCi’s addressable market for quantum computing, enabling a diverse set of businesses to be able to afford and use quantum computers. This accelerates and expands quantum adoption beyond today’s expensive and highly specialized quantum computers from alternative vendors.

QPhoton brings innovative photonic quantum computers to QCi. They flexibly process as a Photonic QC, a Gate Model QC or as an annealing QC. This enables QCi to solve a wide range of quantum problems for a variety of applications with a ready-to-run, significantly lower cost quantum system.

Our stock is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol QUBT.

The company was re-domiciled to the state of Delaware on February 23, 2018.

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The last day of our fiscal year is December 31. Our fiscal quarters end on March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.

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